'All Hail Maxi-Dorm!' 'Fight Wildcats, Fight!' 

BRINK is so pleased to welcome the tallest skyscraper in the world to our beloved city, Tucson. 40,000 fresh-faced college kids will be able to be neatly sequestered in one single building! We absolutely think University of Arizona’s “effort to preserve the character of the neighborhood to our west and get the granola munchers and NIMBYs off our backs” (U of A’s Moses Rump’s words, not ours) is a worthwhile cause.

Photo and info from David Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Star article.

-Caroline Jackson

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Tweets in Review

Summer is coming to an end, as the weeks just seem to fly by.  This week is the last week of August! What!?  While you try to wrap your head around that, also try to wrap your head around what we tweeted last week.  It was one eventful week, from the DC earthquake to the earthquake in Silicon Valley following news of Jobs’ resignation.  With so much to handle, here’s just a sampling of what we had to say:

August 22

  • Consumers Get Wise to Behavioral Targeting. See their sentiments, by the numbers, here: http://ht.ly/66MVa ^MG
  • 7 ways to create display ads that get noticed: http://ht.ly/69Mwt ^MG
  • Oxford adds “retweet” to dictionary, along with “sexting”, “cyberbullying” and “jeggings” (really?). More: http://ht.ly/69P4x

August 23

  • July saw Facebook and Twitter US traffic records. See the breakdown here: http://ht.ly/69LI3 ^MG
  • As fighting rages around Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound, hackers have taken the fight to the country’s domain name registry:http://ht.ly/6aXCp
  • The line between marketers & publishers is blurring - success now requires ‘Always-On’ Interactivity & Fresh Content:http://ht.ly/69OwW

August 24

  • If Mobile Is A Must, What Tactics Should You Use?http://ht.ly/69PC1 ^MG
  • Old-guard Lacoste tries novel tactic - outfitting non-celebrities in its trademark croc tees: http://ht.ly/6bRaV ^MG

August 25

  • Google Alerts Leading Social Media Monitoring Tool:http://ht.ly/6bV6i ^MG
  • Wheew. Surfing the web while at work may actually help productivity! Remember THAT next time you guiltily switch tabs:http://ht.ly/6bSU4

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