Pataak’s amazing GIFs (amongst others) are proof that we’re just getting started with this medium. These are not the GIFs of yore. 

Plus, followers are more likely to engage with a GIF post than they are to click play on a video (in our experience). 


GIFs are old—the format was invented in 1987—and with age, comes a lot of baggage. Surely there are better options 27 years later—why haven’t they caught on? And what would it take for that to happen?

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Are you ready for the end of the world? This infographic has Armageddon and what comes after all mapped out for you. 

It is leap day, so I think we should slingshot BRINKmedia, and our clients, into the Facebook future. All the pages we moderate are now sporting the new Timeline. And we are into it (so far), though the clean-up process to make these pages the most useful and representative of the brands associated with them will be on-going. If you are hesitant about the switch and need to know more before taking the plunge, we’ve got you. Here are some tips we’ve collected from the big guns:

  • Mashable says there are six things you should consider. 1- It looks different, and you should switch things up (construct a brand narrative) based on this new appearance. 2- Choose your (limited) tabs wisely. 3- Use ads to control the viewer’s experience. 4- Design posts to be pinned at the top of the page. 5- You may need to adjust app icons. 6- Use the new private messaging feature, instead of cluttering up your timeline. 
  • Fast Company agrees with Mashable’s 2 and 6 but emphasizes the need for brand’s to clean house on their timelines immediately so their message doesn’t get garbled in the new layout. Plus, you need to plan future content differently. This switch-up is a big deal, they say, brand pages haven’t really had to figure out how to re-do their FB’s since the change from “sponsored group” to pages in 2007. 
  • Adweek’s article, with interviews from social marketing pro Beth McCade, says brands who use the milestone feature well and have the most engaging posts will be king on the new Facebook. But content needs to be highlighted wisely and not overwhelm the reader. McCabe says brands should hide negative comments, since these will be re-hashed in front of fans’ eyes when you launch the new format. 

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