This ad shocked us just a little bit. But it works (and what a cool deal).



David Lynch may not love advertising but he loves coffee. He says he drinks seven large cups of his own DAVID LYNCH COFFEE, down from 20 cups of instant. The filmmaker takes another stab at marketing with this "Oh Yeah" commercial for his own line of organic java. It isn’t quite as creepy as the spot he had where he spoke to a disembodied Barbie doll head (complimenting her beauty and selling her on his coffee) last May, but it isn’t nearly as enticing as the ad he did for Gucci by Gucci he did a few years back.

Lynch makes ads but hasn’t had too many nice things to say about marketing. He called product placement “total fucking bullshit.” Later he elaborated, saying he sometimes does advertising to make money, focusing on the “efficiency of saying something and new technologies” but he said “product placement in a film putrefies the environment.”

I guess we won’t be seeing a bag of DAVID LYNCH COFFEE propped up on a shelf in his next film then. 

AdWeek has posted this recent Twitter commercial after asking the question “Did Twitter’s First Commercial Have To Be So #Crappy?”  While I totally get the concept of the commercial and see what they were trying to do, I agree that it was executed poorly.  What do you think about it?