If you saw our post on DIY lighting yesterday, you know BRINK is taking a serious interest in viral videos. Today we’re sharing some inspiration, and giving you an excuse to waste time on YouTube.

The new video from ‘Prometheus News’ has been making the rounds the last couple days as part of a pretty remarkable social media campaign for the forthcoming Ridley Scott prequel to ‘Alien.’ It is probably a lot easier to have one of your videos go viral when you have buckets full of cash and a blockbuster director behind you, but still. This shows an intriguing slice of the ‘Prometheus’ world without spoiling things (as so many movie trailers do. MTV calls it (along with Hologram Tupac"proof-positive of a nerdtastic future."

iRobot Dance Robolution

This video uses viral video veterans to entertain and hopefully sell some people robots. Two popular internet dancers were hired to perform their best robot moves in an unassuming locale. The spot has garnered a Mashable write up and a quarter of a million people have checked it out in a couple days. 

Best Job-London 2012 Olympic Games

This new spot promoting the Summer Olympics (in less than 100 days) uses a heart string pull to get plays. ‘Best Job’, follows parents of athletes through the early morning wake-ups and disappointing games, up to their children’s Olympic triumph. It already has over a million views and I bet that’ll get a boost come Mother’s Day. The final line, written across the screen is “Thank You, Mom.”

Hot Problems

This video riffs on Rebecca Black’s famously awful ‘Friday’ and the phrase ‘First World Problems,’ with a well-lit but awful music video about the problems hot girls have. ‘We’re just like you except we’re hot.’ Of all the videos we are posting here (and any video out this week) this has the most plays, almost 2 million in two days.

-Caroline Jackson

David Lynch may not love advertising but he loves coffee. He says he drinks seven large cups of his own DAVID LYNCH COFFEE, down from 20 cups of instant. The filmmaker takes another stab at marketing with this "Oh Yeah" commercial for his own line of organic java. It isn’t quite as creepy as the spot he had where he spoke to a disembodied Barbie doll head (complimenting her beauty and selling her on his coffee) last May, but it isn’t nearly as enticing as the ad he did for Gucci by Gucci he did a few years back.

Lynch makes ads but hasn’t had too many nice things to say about marketing. He called product placement “total fucking bullshit.” Later he elaborated, saying he sometimes does advertising to make money, focusing on the “efficiency of saying something and new technologies” but he said “product placement in a film putrefies the environment.”

I guess we won’t be seeing a bag of DAVID LYNCH COFFEE propped up on a shelf in his next film then. 

"Super Bowl and the Digital Water Cooler" 

Obviously social media has changed the way we experience the ultimate pigskin competition and the commercials Americans have enjoyed (or at least talked about). Super Bowl ads are now played, dissected and posted in a million different ways. 

Here are some resources to get you ready for the ultimate advertising showcase: