Yesterday we blogged about Facebook’s removal of Places from their mobile app, basically giving up the fight against foursquare for a check-in based social media site.  However, in a new article by Fast Company, this may not be the case entirely.  The social networking giant has now partnered with Ticketmaster, allowing you to see where your friends are sitting at a concert and then buy tickets near them.  Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster, wants a “a ticket to represent much more than access to an event. It should be part of a bigger experience that encompasses weeks or months of anticipation to see a favorite band and then a period of reliving the show with other fans.”  This could very much be the thing to do that.

With the new Event feature, this would always work flawlessly on foursquare.  After all, the entire social media venture revolves around checking into venues, events, and sharing this news with fellow attendees.  Perhaps that is the next step for foursquare, but either way, we dig this feature.

“Facebook just announced plans to abandon the “Places” feature inside its mobile application…This looks like a tacit admission that Foursquare is winning the check-in battle, after Facebook failed to crush the upstart despite an incredibly large mobile userbase. What worked for Foursquare didn’t work for Facebook. Now Facebook will have to figure out its own way to get users sharing location data instead of copying Foursquare.”
Business Insider on the battle between foursquare and Facebook’s check-in features

Social Times has reported about a new service called ThriveSpot which allows restaurants to create mobile websites with reservation systems.  Apparently, “the idea of the program is to help restaurants quickly take advantage of the mobile marketplace and boost sales in the food and beverage industry in general.”  The service includes connections to Groupon and foursquare.  Personally, it would make more sense to me for foursquare to introduce a menu system and reservation feature to their service, but maybe I’m alone in that.