MTV has a new ad out, urging young men and women to wear condoms during intercourse.  The ad is simple, but powerful and gets the message across clearly.

Yet, I find this somewhat ironic seeing as it comes from the network that also brings you “Teen Mom” and “16 & Pregnant.”  While I’m not sure what message MTV is trying to send with the show, it certainly doesn’t discourage teenage pregnancy.  Yes, it shows the struggles of being a teenage mother, but it also shows one of the teen moms getting breast implants.  The show has made these girls celebrities and personalities, not necessarily examples of what not to do.  Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, these young mothers are getting paid for making these life choices.

MTV has to realize that putting out a series of advertisements will have little to no effect combatting the messages sent with their shows.  From “Jersey Shore” to “Teen Mom” they’ve masterfully promoted and glorified immaturity and irresponsibility to their viewers.  Ads like the one pictured above are just sending mixed messages.