Is this what social media gurus mean when they talk about “Cher-able” content? :)

BRINK Books pick # 6 is…

BEWARE THE CURVES by Erle Stanley Gardner

“‘The name of the man you want is Karl Carver Endicott. He lives at Citrus Grave,’ I said to our client. 

Ansel moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. ‘I hadn’t anticipated that you’d just get the name.’
'That's what you wanted,' I told him. 'In case you're interested in the murder….'
'I'm not interested in the murder. I merely wanted….’ Suddenly his voice trailed away into dismayed silence.
I grinned at him. ‘How did you know there’d been a murder, Ansel? Because in care you’re interested, you’ve made several very important mistakes. First….’
And so began one of the most complicated and fast-moving of the Bertha Cool-Donald Lam mystery stories by A.A. Fair (pseudonym of the past master of the detective story, ERLE STANLEY GARDNER).